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~ Menu of Services for Women ~


We are passionate about facials
Our facials are replete  with facial massage, custom selected everything to ensure you get precisely  what your skin needs.

Professional facials with consistent at home care make skin...


*Laurel at Liberté
75 minutes $185

The very first in Seattle to offer the plant powered Laurel Signature skincare line and facial. In addition to our integrative approach to aesthetics including guided meditation,  you receive the extremely pure essences that the line is renowned for. 
Each service responds to what your skin truly needs to nourish, refresh and ultimately reveal the true glow from within. Includes a double cleanse, luscious toner, exfoliation, nutritive serum, gua sha facial massage, efficacious mask and healing balm.

Facial Focus
90 minutes $250

{Includes 30 days of at home aftercare}
Ready to truly revise your skin and uncover the glow from within?
Our confidence building, highly focused facial will change your skin and your perception of self-care. A very results centered protocol including; A detailed  skin analysis,double cleanse, rose hydrosol toner, a stimulating exfoliation, acute treatment of areas in need, personalized mask, post mask therapy to continue the confidence building.  As a meaningful finish a custom serum, & restorative hydration applied with intentional facial massage.
Remedies available:
~Pigment Balancing
~Age Management
~Reactive Reform

Best Friends Facial
A Duo of Facials done together
Side by Side

{Offered since 2010}
60 minutes    $185

Available One Saturday Per Month
August 25th
October 27th
November 17th
December 22nd

Grab your best bestie, your sweetie, your Mama or Papa or anyone you truly adore and share the love with the one you love. This service includes a duo of facials done simultaneously to create maximum relaxation and joy.
Each facial includes complete customization as per usual of what your dear face needs.  A detailed  skin analysis,double cleanse, rose hydrosol toner, a manual and chemical exfoliation, personalized mask, a facial and hand/arm massage. As a lovely finish a custom serum, & restorative hydration applied to your face.
{Makes a delightful couples experience!}

*Foundation Facial
75 minutes       $150

{Makes a transformational series of 6}
A highly customized treatment including; A detailed  skin analysis,double cleanse, rose hydrosol toner, a manual and chemical exfoliation, personalized mask, a facial and hand/arm massage. As a lovely finish a custom serum, & restorative hydration applied to your face. A glorious peppermint scalp massage awakens you enough to gently rouse yourself to return to your life..beautifully refreshed!
{Extractions included for returning clients as needed}


*Petite Facial
Available after your first Foundation Facial with us
30 minutes        $75

For returning clients only:  Experience a focused facial; Savor a detailed skin analysis, a double cleanse, rose hydrosol toner, a manual and chemical exfoliation, gentle a personalized mask, a facial and hand/arm massage with organic signature moisture,restorative hydration is applied  to your bright, refreshed face.
{A great way to spend your lunch break}


*Back Beautification
60 minutes       $150

A divine treatment for your back includes: A detailed skin analysis,  vigorous dry brushing, double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, non-marring extractions, mask, massage, serum & restorative hydration leaving your back clean & smooth.
Includes upper arms and shoulders.
not available for pregnant mamas
{fellas love this service}

*indicates opportunity to pre-purchase series where you purchase 6 and receive 7 treatments. A stellar value and ensures your steadfast commitment to self-care.



Brow Design
45 minutes       $50

Give those peepers the attention they deserve. Your brows are everything!
They must accentuate your eyes while retaining their inherent state of being.
 We shape your brows to magnify the beauty of your specific eye shape while retaining your unique look.
 (yeah, you’re special)


Brow/Lash Tint
30 minutes     $30

Professional grade, European made, tint applied for maximum effect in concert with your hair and eye color for beautiful results.
Lasts 4 to 8 weeks depending on your attentive aftercare.
A complementary color is chosen to enhance the beauty of your eyes and skin.

Those Eyes!
Brow Design ~ $50
Loyal Brow ~ $25
(within 4 weeks of Brow Design)
Lash tinting ~ $30
Brow tinting ~ $30
Eye Bright ~ brow design, brow & lash tint ~ $85 



An ancient, non-toxic, gentle method of effective hair removal that eventually diminishes the amount of hair that grows back.
The paste is made of sugar, water and lemon.
Thats it!
Removes hair at the earliest level of hair growth ~ Exfoliates while removing unwanted hair ~ Applied to skin at body temperature, so you never get burned!
We have proudly been making our own since 2013

lip ~ $10 - $20
chin ~ $20
cheeks ~ $20- $35
jaw line ~ $25 -$35
ears ~ $20- $35
nostrils ~ $15
forehead ~ $20- $25
full face ~ $85 (includes brows!)
brow tweezing ~ $25- $35

neck ~ $25 – $35
back ~ $70 – $115
back & shoulders ~ $80 – $120
underarm ~ $15 - $30
half arm ~ $55 – $65
full arm ~ $65 – $85
hand & fingers ~ $20 – $35
chest ~ $75 – $95
abdomen ~ $25- $50
nipple ~ $20 – $30
half leg ~ $65 – $85
full leg ~ $100– $175
loyalty maintenance brazilian ~ $65
derriere ~ $40
toes & feet ~ $22 -$35


Nina (Bikini $45) removal of those pesky hairs outside your panty line.
Perfect for a first timer

Jolie (Extended Bikini $60) tighter in on the sides and a spruce up of the top

Sophie (Maintenance Brazilian $65)  maintain the sweet freedom while enjoying a loyalty price, within 4 weeks of initial service

Simone (Brazilian $120) emulates an extended bikini on top, only we clear away the rest.
This is your most demure Brazilian.

Anais (Brazilian $120) a little lady fur on the top
with the rest just a memory-bye bye!

Colette (Brazilian $120) provides exquisite freedom from
all the hair down there from top to tail, the quintessential Brazilian

Remember we work together to create EXACTLY the look you want.
All of the above services include an attentive cleansing with sterile, medical grade cloth, removal of hair on chosen area, trimming if needed, tweezing out of any in-growns, soothing, protective serum and generous misting of cooling organic rose hydrosol . 
*Exfoliation with dry granulated sugar on warm, moist skin highly encouraged the night before service to maximize results.


Since 2010
we lash so YOU are the focus not your lashes

All Lash services include hydrating under eye mask, soothing rose hydrosol refresher and take home wands for further primping.

All lashes synthetic mink
Results last 3-6 weeks with proper home care
No mascara needed
Instant fresh & awake look
Absolutely NO water directly on lashes for 24 hours post service

Also, to maximize longevity of service ~ No oils on lashes ~ No rubbing eyes

Date Night
30 minutes     $65
Get your eyes ready for the weekend!
Your lashes receive a sassy kick as if to say "Hello Lover"
(cue batting eyelashes here)

Oh Those Magnificent Lashes!
A Full Set
90 minutes   $300
A  generous application of lashes to give a lift and amplification
to those eyes where every lash gets a friend (extension) attached
(always customized and guaranteed just for you to achieve desired outcome) 

Pretty Lash Boost
60 minutes  $150

A strategic application of lashes to give the appearance of a full set of lashes without over whelming your eyes.
(always customized and guaranteed just for you to achieve desired outcome) 

 Loyal Refresh
60-75 minutes    $75-$95
Add extensions to existing set of lashes to fill in post shedding cycle.

time listed is estimated service time
please arrive 10 min. prior to appointment time listed

All Prices Subject to Change
48 hour change policy